This project involves removing trash and burned municipal waste from a stream that leads to Fort Branch Creek as well as from City-owned property. Following waste removal, stream restoration and bank stabilization will occur.


Construction Status

January 7, 2022: Construction started in July 2021 and is expected to be complete in spring 2022, weather permitting. Drainage installation is taking place along Mason Avenue, and the street will be closed to traffic from Lott Avenue to Delores Avenue. Residents living along Mason Avenue will still have access to their homes and driveways during closures.

Work hours are generally 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Work will take place in the stream that runs between backyards on Delores Ave. and Lott Ave. and on City-owned property at 5106 Delores Ave. All work will occur on City property or in easements.

Project Map

Project Overview

The City identified approximately 10,000 tons of burned municipal solid waste located in the banks of this stream. The burned waste was likely deposited before residential development occurred in the 1940s and 1950s. In addition, the stream is eroding over time, exposing more of the burned waste.This project includes:

  • Waste removal from 5106 Delores Ave.
  • Waste removal from stream near Mason Ave.
  • Stabilization of eroding stream banks with limestone blocks
  • Replacement trees in the disturbed area

Air quality will be monitored throughout the project.

Example of restored streambank

Results from similar project

Timeline and Cost

Our capital improvement projects take many years from start to finish. The process typically includes the following phases:

  • Preliminary Engineering – when a solution is identified and costs are estimated.
  • Design – when the details are worked out and construction plans drawn up.
  • Bidding and Permitting – when a contractor is hired and all permits are acquired.
  • Construction – when the project is built.

The project is currently in construction. The estimated construction cost is about $3.6 million.



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