The Neighborhood Partnering Program can help bring your group’s idea to life through three separate programs: the Neighborhood Cost Share Program, the Adopt-A-Median Program, or the Grant Assistance Program. 

Submit a Project Inquiry Form and let us know about how you’d like to partner. 

Keep reading to learn about program requirements, what we look for in applications, and what to expect once you’ve applied.

Project Requirements

To qualify for any Neighborhood Partnering Program, all projects must: 

  1. Be on City-owned property or right of way.
      Visit NPP's FAQ to find out how to know if the land is City-owned.

  2. Be submitted by a local group, such as a neighborhood association, community organization or other non-profit entity.  

  3. Demonstrate the support of neighbors and those impacted by the project. 

  1. Be accessible to the public and benefit the community. 

Contact NPP

If your project can meet these requirements and you’re interested to learn more about any NPP Program, please reach out!

To get started, submit a Project Inquiry Form and let us know about how you’d like to partner. 

Find out what information we’ll ask for during the application process in the application instructions below. Keep in mind, NPP staff will work with you to answer your questions and guide you through the application process. 

Application Instructions

Every NPP application requires a project description, goals, a maintenance plan, and evidence of community support; Neighborhood Cost Share Program also asks for a cost share plan. Click on the topic below for more information. When you’re ready, contact the Neighborhood Partnering Program for an official application. 

Project Description

In this section of the application, provide the following details about your project: 

  • Location, basic description, and general size of your project. Include a map, photos of the area, and a simple sketch of your plans. This does not need to be perfect but should give an idea of what the project will entail. 

  • Materials needed (for example: wood for two picnic tables or three elm tree saplings.) 

Project Goals

Describe what your group hopes to accomplish with the project and how the project will benefit the neighborhood or the city of Austin. Examples might include descriptions of increased pedestrian safety, health, beauty, improved environmental quality, or more opportunities for recreation, play, or community interaction. 

Maintenance Plan

In this section explain what maintenance the project will require when it is complete and who will be responsible for that maintenance. For example, a community garden will require watering and weeding. Name the individual or group who will be responsible for these duties and how often they should be done. 

Cost Share Proposal (only required for Neighborhood Cost Share Program applications

You will be asked to outline your organization’s cost share plan. 

Cost share proposals have a minimum cost share requirement that ranges from 10% to 50% of the project's cost. NPP will work with your group to determine an equitable minimum match requirement.

Below are ways to meet cost share requirements. You can use a combination of these approaches. If you’re unsure how to meet any of these requirements, feel free to contact NPP staff to discuss your options.

  • Cash can be directly applied to the project’s cost share. Applicants have 180 days to raise the funds from the time their project is approved.  

  • Grants that are not from another City program can also be used as a cash match, as long as the granting organization approves of that use.  

  • Volunteer Hours can be earned through building or installing parts of the project, and through other approved neighborhood volunteer activities. Volunteer hours are currently valued at $31.80/hour.  

  • Professional Services donated towards a project are tasks that require special skills; such as engineering, design, landscape architecture, or carpentry.  

  • Donations of materials and equipment are credited at cost.   

  • Maintenance Costs for the project and any utility costs assumed by the applicant can be counted for up to 2-year’s worth of those costs. 

Evidence of Community Support

The application will require evidence of support from nearby residents and those impacted by the project. You may be asked to provide one or both of the following, depending on the nature of your project.  

  • Letters of support from the other community stakeholders, such as neighborhood associations or the homeowner’s association for your area.  
  • Signatures of support from at least 60% of those who are impacted by the project. City staff will identify the impacted stakeholders and residents, and provide you with a map. 

If you are unsure which of these requirements you need to meet, please feel free to reach out to the project coordinator. 

What to Expect After You Apply

After you apply, staff will confirm that all minimum requirements are met and review the project’s plan, cost share, goals, and community support.  

Neighborhood Cost Share Program applications that are eligible to move forward, will be presented to the board for review according to when the application was submitted. If there is anything that will prevent the application from moving forward, NPP staff will contact your organization to discuss potential changes.  

Adopt-A-Median-Program applications are accepted throughout the year. Applicants will be contacted with next steps after the application has been reviewed and considered for approval. 

For assistance, please email the Neighborhood Partnering Program at or call (512) 974-6439.  

Projects that are eligible for the Neighborhood Partnering Program will be sent a formal application.