Photo of Don Hastings

Don Hastings was appointed Assistant Director of the Environmental Health Services Division in April of 2017.

Mr.  Hastings manages the department's Environmental Health Services Programs: Community & Consumer Protection, Environmental Health Customer Services, Court Compliance, Pollution Control, Smoking in Public Places, Rodent/Vector Control, Training and Certification, Building Plan Review and One-Time Inspections (CO).

Mr. Hastings has been with Austin Public Health since January of 2016 as Chief Administrative Officer. Previously, he served as City Manager and Deputy City Manager of Midlothian, Texas; Assistant Planning Director of Arlington, Texas; Planning Director of Bloomington, Indiana; and Administration Manager for the City of Houston, Texas. 

In addition to his past experience overseeing environmental health programs, Don has extensive experience in the administration of:  public safety and inspections programs; City Council and board/commission support; interlocal agreements; State regulation enforcement and legislative review; stakeholder relationships; organizational re-design; applied technology solutions; media relations; and customer service initiatives. 

Mr. Hastrings holds a Master of Public Affairs degree from the Indiana University School of Public & Environmental Affairs and a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the Indiana University College of Arts and Sciences.