5-Play Game Plan for a more Sustainable Super Bowl

Feb 3, 2016 - 11:08 am

Whether you’re cheering on the Broncos or Panthers, watching only for the commercials, or waiting to see Coldplay and Beyoncé hit the stage for halftime show; Super Bowl Sunday is a great reason to throw a party with friends and family. As you start planning for game day, consider ways to be more sustainable -  it doesn’t take much effort at all. In fact, we’ve got five easy plays to make you the MVSP (Most Valuable Sustainability Player) of the night! 

Digital invitations

Eliminate formal paper invitations! Send a text, make a phone call, send an email, or setup a Facebook event, etc., to let your guests know about your party.


Hosting a large party with guests from all parts of town? Provide public transit options from various compass points. Coordinate carpool options for friends and family who live close to each other. Encourage friends in the neighborhood to walk or bike over. Several digital invitation services and email providers make it easy to tack on a map.

Buy local, buy organic

Great food and drinks are the star line-up of any great Super Bowl party. Make it even better by buying local and organic. If you’re buying food and taking it to-go, consider purchasing from local restaurants to support the local economy.  Purchase locally made beer and alcohol too. Check out locallyaustin.org for more resources.

Most importantly, only buy what you need. We tend to overestimate the amount of food we need and can end up throwing about 25% out.

Extra point: Have “to-go” boxes ready to pack leftovers for your party goers. Compost what you can’t salvage!  


Tackle waste by recycling

Millions of party people will be watching and presumably dumping out countless pounds of paper, plastic and other recyclable materials into the trash. Make sure you set up a designated area for recycling to make it easy for your party goers.

Extra point: If possible, skip plastic and paper all together and stick with reusable plates, glasses, and silverware. If disposal options have to stay in play, make sure they’re recyclable and avoid Styrofoam (polystyrene).

Turn off your engine

Chances are you’ll be running a lot of errands leading up to your big party. Combine your errands into one trip and plan ahead to take the shortest route. Turn off your engine instead of idling when picking-up/dropping-off a friend, waiting at the drive-thru, or getting cash at the ATM. 

According to SustainableAmerica.org, “every day 3.8 million gallons of fuel are wasted in the U.S by vehicle idling. That’s equivalent to five Olympic-size swimming pools full of fuel! Unnecessary vehicle idling wastes gas and cash, pollutes the air, and is a major contributor to respiratory illnesses like asthma.”


And there you have it. Your easy five- play game plan for a more sustainable Super Bowl weekend. Remember, no matter who the winner is on Sunday, these easy plays are sure to make you the Most Valuable Sustainability Player of the night!