Become a Green Business Leader!

Apr 8, 2013 - 9:37 am

More than 75 area businesses have been recognized by the City of Austin for their efforts to make sustainability a key part of day-to-day operations.  By resolving to go green, these companies are helping protect the environment, saving money, and making Austin a more livable place.
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For Earth month, make a commitment to go green at work.  What’s in it for you? You'll become a part of the green business network and invited to events with other green business leaders. You’ll also receive recognition and a tool kit to help you promote your green business.

Wondering what’s involved?  To get started, go to and download the scorecard. Follow the suggestions below to start getting points!

Want an easy 10 points on your scorecard?  Try this:

• Put computers on automatic sleep mode and discontinue using screen savers.
• Cancel catalogs and junk mail subscriptions – go to for help.
• Supply employees with recycle bins at their desks.
• Order products that are recycled or refurbished and use little packaging.
• Use 100% post-consumer recycled printer paper and at least 30% post-consumer recycled paper products.
• Use power strips for computers and printers that can be turned off when you leave.

photo of AGBL award recievers.

Need help with the scorecard?  Give us a call – we’ll meet with your team to talk you through it.
Marc Coudert, or 512-974-2016
Mary K. Priddy, or 512-974-2539

Become an Austin Green Business Leader – because green business is good business!