City of Austin : Top 25 U.S. employer

Jul 27, 2016 - 4:55 pm

HR News Magazine of the International Public Management Association for Human Resources recently published an article highlighting what factors place public sector organizations into the top tier of America’s employers.

The article looks to Austin (No. 22) and three other public agencies that were ranked in the Forbes’ 2016 list of 500 “Best U.S. Employers” for insight into what makes a great workplace environment and how that translates into community stewardship.

The HR News Magazine article noted our innovative Human Resources programs and cited our PRIDE  values which guide our organization to work toward being the best-managed city in the country.

The article applauds our “cutting edge” approach to employee development as well as our engagement of employees in developing new benefits, services and products.

I take great pride in our organization “Making the Grade as One of America’s Best Employers” as the article states.  While the headline sums up our commitment to employees, it also reflects our commitment to providing the best possible customer service to our residents.

Read the article, here.