Commendation for Officer Shillito

I requested a wellness check on a dear friend in Austin, TX. I love her like a sister. She took ill late October, and I went from hearing from her regularly to hardly not at all. I got very concerned after several weeks. In early December, Officer Shillito was onsite for the wellness check. He called me, asked a few additional questions and said he would call the hospitals and call me back. I felt certain she was home and needed help. Officer Shillito went in the house from the back door and found my friend on the kitchen floor. Mercifully alive!

He made arrangements to get her to the hospital emergency. He said I may have saved her life. Officer Shillito did save her life! I cannot find the words to express how much I appreciate his patience, understanding and consistent follow through.

All in a day's work to him. To me he's a hero. My hero! And when my friend regains her health and awareness he will be her hero as well. God Bless Officer Shillito, God Bless the Austin Police Department. – J.M.