Commendation for Senior Police Officer Richard Will

Apr 20, 2015 - 11:33 am

Chief Acevedo recently received an email from a citizen who wanted to commend Senior Police Officer Richard Will for responding on Easter Sunday and providing “exceptional service” with questions about an emergency protective order. “Officer Will helped me to not feel victimized by the perpetrator,” the citizen wrote. “I commend Officer Will for his kindness and support….He helped me calm down…Officer Will’s words truly empowered me to not be a victim. He even gave me superb self-defense tips to help me feel safe in my present very dangerous stalking case…It is rare to find an officer with such compassion and reassurance…I commend him for his ability to help me have faith that justice will be served…Police Officer Will helped feel as I have a voice against crime. I commend him for his outstanding service!”