Compliment for Officer Brendan McMorrow for roadside assistance

I want to compliment officer Brendan McMorrow #8569. It might seem like a little thing to some people but I'm 61 yrs old now and disabled from a spinal injury so I can't do things for myself that I used to be able to do. Officer McMorrow  stopped to help me when my truck blew out a tire in a very dangerous location on the 15th street overpass at Lamar Blvd. I could not move the truck any further and several times people slammed on their brakes to keep from hitting me. My roadside service said the location was too dangerous for them to respond, my only option was to call for a wrecker. I was really getting stressed. Officer McMorrow showed up and immediately offered to help me change out the tire for the spare. In very short order, he had me heading back home again and saved me from paying for a wrecker which I cannot afford right now. I can't thank him enough for his courtesy and professionalism getting me out of that dangerous spot. Thank You!