Get to know an Austin Green Business Leader: Walter P. Moore

Apr 7, 2014 - 11:43 am

More than 100 area businesses have been recognized by the City of Austin for their efforts to make sustainability a key part of day-to-day operations.  By resolving to go green, these companies are helping protect the environment, saving money, and making Austin a more livable place. 

We decided to get up close and personal with some of Austin’s Green Business Leaders. Follow along each month as we get to know these leaders in Sustainability a little bit better.  This month, we heard from one of our Platinum members; Walter P. Moore; an international company of engineers, innovators and creative people who solve some of the world’s most complex structural and infrastructural challenges!  We spoke with Kate, a senior associate at the company, who let us in on some known and unknown challenges and inspirations that face sustainable businesses.

  1. What inspired Walter P Moore to become an Austin Green Business Leader?
    • Sustainable design is one of our office’s core values which permeates many of our projects.  When we learned about this program with the city, we were excited to participate due to our interest in developing relationships with likeminded people in the broader business community.
  2. What are some green actions you have completed that you are proud of or that you think are innovative?
    • We held an internal sustainable office operations competition where all our 13 offices across the country competed against each other in an effort to promote more sustainable practices.  Our topics ranged from how we commute, to eliminating all disposable dishware, to requiring all of our projects to provide electronic submittals during construction administration.  You would not believe the ripple effect of saving numerous copies of 42”x36” sheets of paper.
  3. What was the biggest challenge to become a green business?
    • Subverting the dominant paradigm.
  4. Has the Austin Green Business Leaders helped you become a greener business? If so, can you provide an example?
    • We better understand the green building practices that our building management was already doing.  Also, sharing the sustainable checklist for the AGBL program prompted them to investigate new practices.
  5. What advice would you give to other businesses looking to create change?
    • Don't be afraid! Find a passionate leader and influence others.
  6. President Obama has just made you Sustainability Czar for the United States. What would be your first act?
    • As structural engineers we specify materials that have large embodied impacts. Currently some producers are staring to measure these impacts and report them as “Environmental Product Declarations” (EPD’s) – like the nutritional labels on foods. We would start a program to incentivize producers of all products to provide EPD’s.
  7. What's your favorite food trailer in Austin?
    1. Does SNAP kitchen still have their trailer? We have to support our fellow Austin Green Business Leaders! Let's see who can be the next trailer....

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Like what you see? Check out the Austin Green Business Leaders website if you’re interested in joining! You'll become a part of the green business network and invited to events with other green business leaders. Plus, receive recognition and a tool kit to help you promote your green business. The program can also help you strengthen your team and build employee morale. Green business is good business, especially in Austin.