Input from Listening Sessions

Oct 11, 2013 - 4:10 pm

Thank you to everyone who came to one of the Listening Sessions and provided input. The links below contain the input collected during the Listening Sessions and online at The input from the Listening Sessions includes the flip charts from the tables, worksheets, questionnaires and questions asked. It will be analyzed by the consultant team, staff and the Code Advisory Group.

Each participant completed a Worksheet  with three topics, and then worked in small groups to generate this information. For Topic 1 - The Places, participants identified what they like and don't like about the areas where they live, work or go to school, and hang out. For Topic 2 - The Code, participants identified the most important issues to tackle during the process to revise the code. For Topic 3 - The Questions, participants asked questions they had about the Land Development Code and process. The information from these three topics is under Summary Resutls - Table Discussion Worksheets below.

Each work group then compiled a list of the top questions they had about the Code. These questions and the responses are presented under the heading Questions from Table Discussions.

Each participant was also asked to fill out a questionnaire with general participation and demographic questions. This information is presented under the heading Questionnaire results.

This input will be used to create a report titled Listening to the Community Report. The Listening to the Community Report along with the Community Character Analysis, the Code Diagnosis and Imagine Austin will serve as the foundation for the code update.

If you would like to review all the comments received in unedited form, please click on the Raw input link below. This is a spreadsheet showing all the information collected at the listening sessions, including flipcharts completed during the table discussions and comments written by participants on display maps.


Summary Resutls - Table Discussion Worksheets

Questions from Table Discussions

Questionnaire results

Raw input (all comments received by 10/21/2013)