Lake Travis Tire Trouble

Aug 18, 2020 - 2:58 pm

I just wanted to recognize and commend Officer Adam Garner #7700 for his assistance on August 14, 2020. I was pulling my boat to Lake Travis and had two tires blow out. We made it to the divider of the two highways, but couldn't even get out of our vehicle because of the traffic. Officer Garner came and blocked off a lane of traffic so I could work on the trailer. I only had one spare so I changed it. Officer Garner took me and my granddaughter to get a new tire. He knew we were not safe where our vehicle was and needed to get it out of there. He took us back to vehicle, got the second flat changed out and blocked traffic to let us be on our way.

Again thank you, Officer Garner. There is not enough of this heard these days! Shame on us. Thank you! Thank you!