Officer Tripp kudos

Jun 8, 2018 - 9:32 am

I am writing on the true professionalism exhibited today by Austin Police Department, Officer Phillip Tripp.  EMS, AFD and APD were dispatched to a priority 3 unknown medical call at the 7 Eleven (EMS Incident number 18156-0106). The call nature was a man lying down near the complex, with unknown medical condition. AFD arrived and completed an assessment, assisted patient to the ambulance, and transferred medical care. During our assessment in the patient compartment area, the patient became agitated, showing signs and symptoms that are abnormal from the norm. During which time, Officer Smith opened the rear door for his 1st interaction with the crew and patient. At this time, Officer Smith engaged in open dialogue with an obviously agitated person, utilizing verbal and physical defusing techniques, which lead to an immediate positive outcome. Officer Smith offered to assist the patient with his current job reporting time, by reaching out via the phone to his boss. Following the phone call, Officer Smith was able to return to the ambulance and provide several viable options, outside of the norm from routine police work, to include getting the gentlemen to his job or facilitating a stable morning by offering a drink following release from EMS.

18 years with ATCEMS, working alongside our colleagues of the Austin Police Department, it has become second nature to witness such professionalism and courage in many high stress environments. This particular incident should stand as a training model and expectation for all of us to witness and learn from! Many thanks to you Officer Tripp, your supervisor and all of our colleagues in the APD!

Best regards,

B. H.