Plug-In Austin: bringing affordability to the Electric Vehicle scene

Feb 11, 2014 - 2:46 pm

Do you own a plug-in electric vehicle? Maybe you’re thinking about buying one.  Austin Energy is helping owners of alternative vehicles get the most out of their purchase.  Austin Energy’s Plug-In EVerywhere™ Network has 186 charging stations at 72 locations.  Subscribers of the network can get unlimited charging for less than $5 per month at any Plug-In EVerywhere location! 

Perhaps you’ve bought your car but are ready to start charging at home.  Austin Energy offers owners a rebate of 50% of the cost to purchase and install a Level 2 (240V) charging station. To qualify, you just have to be an Austin Energy customer; they even have experienced staff to install the station! For many PEV drivers, using existing electrical outlets meets their needs but this Level 2 charging station gives a faster charge. Mutil-family property owners are also encouraged to install stations by taking advantage of rebates up to 50% of installation costs! Find out more here.  

image of someone charging their electric vehicleIn addition to the rebates above, there are also incentives and tax credits available to PEV buyers.  A federal income tax credit of up to $7,500 is just one! Visit the U.S. Department of Energy’s incentive site to learn more!  If you’re a Texan, you can find out about other Alternative Vehicle and Fuel rebates.

Don’t own a car? No worries! Austin Energy also offers eligible customers $50-$300 to purchase a qualifying electric bike, scooter, moped, motorcycle, or Segway!  Riding a 2-wheeled electric vehicle reduces air pollutants about 98% compared to gas-powered cars. 

It’s a nice to know that being environmentally friendly can have such a big impact while making a small impact on your wallet!

*Austin Energy has been promoting transportation electrification initiatives since 2008.  Electric vehicles have zero tailpipe emissions and avoid 13,212 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions per car per year.  To date, it is estimated that there are almost 1,000 electric vehicles in Austin.