¡Pónte La Máscara, Austin! - Güateque Son

Mar 31, 2021 - 3:08 pm


As part of the Arts Responders Program in collaboration with ESB Mexican American Cultural Center, Austin band Güateque Son performs original music in their traditional Veracruz style Mexican outfits, masked, and socially distanced. The the song lyrics reflect on how Austinites, especially in Latino spaces, (restaurants, arts spaces, parks) have adapted to the new way of life.



"During these times it has been especially difficult for Austin artists especially musicians to continue our work in person since many bars and musical venues have closed bringing many challenges. We want to normalize the new ways of life to make people feel okay to do things differently in order to protect ourselves, our diverse cultural communities ¡Ponte las máscaras, Austin! Wear your masks!" - Güateque Son