Rethink Your Commute

Mar 17, 2014 - 10:28 am

Austin’s designation as one of the most sustainable cities in the country means that residents have more choices than most on how to get around town.  Find out just how many options there are and learn how to Rethink your Commute!

  1. Austin is gaining speed on becoming a safe cycling community.  Get outside, get some fresh air and try commuting to work.  The City’s Bicycle Program is a great resource for registering your bike, viewing laws, mapping your route and more! 
  2. Take the bus! According to, bus riders can save the following each year:image of bike share bike, car to go and bus
    • 4,400 miles of driving
    • 223 gallons of gas
    • 273 hours stuck in traffic
    • $10,000 in fuel and maintenance costs
  3. Carpooling can save you money and reduce your carbon footprint.  The myCommuteSolutions site can help you find a carpool group, map out your route and more! You can even log your daily commute to figure out your savings; fuel, carbon footprint and calories!
  4. Incorporate walking into your daily commute.  Join the Walk Texas! 10-week challenge. This is a free program designed to help you lead a more active lifestyle.  Record your daily/weekly physical activity to receive points and awards.  Even if you can’t walk to work, try walking to lunch or parking farther away and walking to your building. 
  5. Stay in your pj’s!  Over 14,000 Austinites participated in last year’s Work from Home day.  They helped reach a total of about 360,000 pounds of GHG reduction!  Rethink your Commute by teleworking 1 or 2 days a month.
  6. Rethink your Commute around the office!  Take the stairs instead of the elevator, or walk to a coworker’s cubicle instead of picking up the phone.  These little changes can add up to a large decrease in your carbon footprint!
  7. Don’t idle.  If you have to wait more than 10 seconds in your car, turn it off instead.  Idling for more than 10 seconds wastes more gas than restarting the engine.  Rethink the drive-thru and go inside!

With so many options for Rethinking your Commute, see how much your carbon footprint will do down!  Calculate your before and after footprint to see what a difference you can make!