Sustainability Action Agenda: 3C Challenge for Water Conservation

Aug 12, 2013 - 10:11 am

This month, pledge to participate in the 3C Challenge to reduce your water use by 10%.  Under current drought conditions, and with record low levels in our reservoirs, taking the 3C Challenge is more important than ever – plus you’ll enjoy the associated savings on your water bill.

The 3C Challenge was initiated in 2010 to encourage everyone to Commit, Calculate, and Conserve their water use.  It’s all part of a City-wide goal to achieve an average water use of no more than 140 gallons per capita daily (as of the end of last year, 156 gallons per capita daily is the average).

The lower your water use, the lower your water rates.  So it’s smart to commit, calculate, and conserve – get your household to start today!

Saving Water at Work:  Companies can use an online tool to calculate water use called the 3C Business Application and Checklist.  Austin Water offers support from water conservation staff, and rebates of up to $100,000, to offset pre-approved company costs for more water-efficient equipment.  Participation in the 3C Business Challenge also earns points in the Austin Green Business Leaders program, which supports and recognizes local businesses that “go green.”

Saving Water at Home:  Everyone can make the pledge to reduce their household water use by 10%.  The first two steps – Commit and Calculate -- can quickly be accomplished by providing information on your current household water use (go to the utility’s online Water Use Calculator).  Then calculate the changes you can make to conserve 10% more water.  To help with reaching your 10% reduction pledge, pick up free water-saving showerheads and faucet aerators from Austin Water.  Rebates are also available to help you reduce your outdoor water use.

If all Austin Water customers reduced their water use by 10%, our community could save over 13 million gallons of water per day.

Find out more about the sustainability initiatives being tracked as part of the Sustainability Action Agenda and decide how you will take action to secure a bright, green future for Austin.

                                                                         3C Challenge Logo: Commit, Calculate, Conserve