Thank you for changing traffic pattern during ACL

On Sunday morning during ACL, I stopped and spoke to one of your officers about the problem with pedicabs at the closing of the previous two nights. They were riding on the sidewalks between Lamar and the Palmer Event Center. They hit people and were forcing walkers out of their way to avoid harm. They even broke at least two sprinkler heads at the Events Center because they were on and off the sidewalks. At Palmer they were even riding on the covered walkway outside the parking garage.

The APD officer was awesome and totally understood the problem, she said she would relay the problem. Your response in changing the traffic pattern on Barton Springs Road between Lamar and Palmer Events Center, nearly completely eliminated the problem. In comparison to the two previous nights when all the pedicabs were on the sidewalks, I only counted five on Sunday night and all but two stayed completely away from those of us walking.

I just wanted to say thank you to the officer I spoke with and command for fixing the problem to keep all of us safe! It really worked!

I hope you can change the traffic pattern each night during ACL!

Again thank you very much, you do a great job!