Thank you to officers Juusola and Trinh

On August 18, 2017, Officers Kyle Juusola #7312 and Davis Trinh #8147 came to the aid of a man whose truck had fallen off the jack and on to his arm causing severe arterial bleeding.  They rushed to apply an APD-issued tourniquet to stop the flow of blood until EMS arrived on scene to transport the gentleman.

One of the responding paramedics offered praise to the officers’ response saying that “your officers were absolutely correct in placing the tourniquet. The patient in question had a serious enough bleed that it controlled bleeding appropriately and I will say that the hospital did not remove it until they had sutured the site.”

We are tremendously proud of the lifesaving efforts performed by both of these officers. They are fantastic examples of what #communitypolicing is all about. Keep making a difference.