Thanks to Detective Dunn

I have been with my company for 33 years and serve as the Dir. of Assets Management and Corporate Investigations. As I look back at these years, I realized much of my work and success would not be possible without the support of APD personnel like Det. Mike Dunn and Lt. Rick Hinkle (Ret.) and Sgt. Malcolm Mills (Ret.) Det. Dunn and I worked on Gang Initiatives in the North Lamar/Rutland Area with Lanier High School and AISD. He also worked with our organization on an active shooter initiative that I have presented to many organizations over the past few years. We are better prepared and better equipped to handle an incident than before. All of these organizations are benefiting from his expertise. Det. Dunn has never once given up on the community or people he serves. I am proud to know him and never afraid to stand by his side anywhere in the city in fear of anything. He has been like a partner over the almost 20 years of working together. Thanks for the opportunity to finally have his story heard. NOTE: My nephew just started the Police Academy in Austin and Det. Dunn was a role model for him over the years. Det. Dunn is an asset to APD and the department should be proud of his servant leadership in our local communities.