Twice thank you to APD

On Saturday, Dec. 5, 2015 my wife and I returned to our vehicle, a Chevy Trail Blazer, after we had walked at Lady Bird Lake. Trouble was, the battery was dead. We called AAA and was told it would be an hour before anyone could come to jump the battery.  We waited an hour, no one came.  We called again, and were told it would be another hour.  In the meantime, Officer G. (Jerry) Cantu (6111) came by, recognized our distress, and offered to help.  He said he would be back in a few minutes.  He returned in a civilian auto, and brought jumper cables.  We let our vehicle roll back to where the cables would reach, hooked them up and immediately started our Trail Blazer.  It was very kind of Officer Cantu to recognize our problem and do something about it. We commend him highly, especially my wife who was beginning to get, shall we say, restless, as it was her car. I drive a new pickup -- which brings up another story.  Back in May, after heavy rainfall, I set out in my 1998 Nissan Frontier pickup to handle some chores.  I was driving on the wooded two-lane portion of Spicewood Springs when I hit a wet spot, spun out and crashed into the trees. The vehicle ended up about a yard off the road, but was stuck in the mud.  A passing motorist drove me to my nearby home where I called to get a wrecker out, and at the same time called the Austin police dept. to alert them of the situation. The traffic had to be halted so the wrecker could remove my pickup. Two Austin police persons came out (one male, one female) and waited patiently for the wrecker to arrive. It finally did, we went to the crash scene, and the two police persons held up traffic so the wrecker guy could maneuver his vehicle to where he could pull mine to the road. It took a few minutes, and the traffic stacked up. The police persons patiently did their job (I think they actually were in the county, not the city), I safely got my vehicle removed, and everything worked out.  (I got a new pickup.) Unfortunately, I have misplaced the names of the two officers, but I hope they read this. I highly commend them.  I think the Austin police are the best.  I have lived in other big cities (Lubbock, Philadelphia, Dallas) and covered their police departments as I worked on newspapers at the time.  Thanks again, Austin officers.