Welcome back to the Soul-y Austin team, Texas C-BAR!

Jan 10, 2017 - 2:21 pm

Texas Community Building with Attorney Resources, known as Texas C-BAR, is a nonprofit organization that provides free resources and business law services to different organizations, primarily those that focus on improving the quality of life of low-income neighborhoods around the state. Texas C-BAR is joining the Soul-y Austin team for a second year in a row, after assisting in the formation of Soul-y Austin’s first two merchants associations: the Manor Road Merchants Association and the Red River Merchants Association.

Representing Texas C-BAR on our Soul-y Austin team is Andrea Harrington. Andrea graduated cum laude from Harvard University with a Bachelor of Arts degree, and later obtained her J.D. from the University Of Texas School Of Law. Andrea has been an attorney with Texas RioGrande Legal Aid since 2003, providing legal representation to micro entrepreneurs, facilitating pro bono small business legal clinics, providing legal education on legal issues that are relevant to small businesses, and also assists with pro bono referrals. After supporting Soul-y Austin during year one, Andrea has strongly developed her understanding of the program, making her the perfect candidate to support business districts as they embark on their association formation journey.



“What excites me about the future of Soul-y Austin is its potential to spread to different neighborhoods around the City, enhancing Austin’s commercial corridors” – Andrea Harrington

Texas C-BAR’s role within the Soul-y Austin process is to assist businesses within business districts with the formation of their merchants association. Andrea provides legal trainings to businesses focusing on merchants association formation, management, intellectual property, contracts, and association leadership, among others. Andrea’s guidance and legal counseling focuses on guiding business districts through the journey that seems more appropriate for their needs. Furthermore, Texas C-BAR provides assistance with the referral of a pro bono attorney that further assists businesses as they form their district merchants association, which includes drafting the association’s bylaws and filing the documentation needed to form an association. To learn more about Texas C-BAR visit their website: http://texascbar.org/

Follow our blog and watch for future posts as we share the highlights of Soul-y Austin and Austin’s unique business districts. If you have any questions or comments about this exciting opportunity, please contact Nicole Klepadlo, Redevelopment Project Manager at Nicole.klepadlo@austintexas.gov or 512-974-7739.