What is a complete community?

Feb 25, 2013 - 5:33 pm

Imagine Austin calls for a city of complete communities…but what does that mean, exactly?

Actually, it probably means something a little different to each person.

Here’s how we talk about complete communities in the Imagine Austin plan. In a nutshell, a complete community is a great place that meets your daily needs within a short trip of where you live or work.

A community is “complete” when it provides access by foot, bike, transit and car to jobs, shopping, learning, open space, recreation, and other amenities and services.

That means no matter what part of Austin you live in—north, south, east, west, or central—nearby amenities help you in the pursuit of your desired quality of life. Simultaneously, we want complete communities that preserve identity, culture, and sense of place.

During a multi-year effort to create this plan, Austinites supported becoming a city of complete communities. 

The plan states: These communities will be for Austinites of all ages. They will provide environments that support children at every stage of their development, young adults beginning their professional lives and families, and seniors aging gracefully in the neighborhoods where they raised their families. 

Read more on page 88 of Imagine Austin. Also, check out what Canada and Reconnecting America have to say about Complete Communities.

More importantly, what do YOU have to say? What is a complete community to you? How big is it? What does it have in it? How can the City help create complete communities across Austin? Share your ideas on Facebook or SpeakUpAustin.