What does it mean to be a Restore Rundberg Revitalization Team member? Learn firsthand from one of the members!

Jan 15, 2016 - 2:48 pm

Restore Rundberg has openings for Revitalization Team Members, so who should apply?

The Restore Rundberg Revitalization Team acts as the primary advisory group and sounding board for the Restore Rundberg Program’s revitalization component. It is comprised of stakeholders who represent the interests of those living and working within Austin's Rundberg area.

The 14 Team members collaborate with the City, community and stakeholder groups to address social impacts (such as physical disorder, social economic status and resources, and collective efficacy), and to ensure the long-term planning and implementation of revitalization strategies within the Rundberg area.

As announced in November, the Restore Rundberg Revitalization Team openings include:

  • Hispanic leadership (2 places),
  • the North Austin Civic Association (NACA),
  • and the Windsor Hills and Heritage Hills neighborhoods.

Time commitment is variable, depending on each member's schedule, but is at least a few hours a month, since the Team meets every fourth Thursday from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. in the Rundberg area, and every month, Team members are asked to spend time communicating with the populations they represent, and focusing on one or more of the team’s priorities:

1) revitalization of key properties,
2) healthcare,
3) afterschool programs,
4) code compliance,
5) homelessness intervention,
6) housing affordability,
7) economic and workforce development, and
8) prostitution prevention and intervention.

Terms are three years.

Learn more about the Revitalization Team and its activities on the Team and Workgroups pages.


Apply by Tuesday, January 26 at noon by returning the Revitalization Team application via email to restorerundberg@austintexas.gov, or via mail or hand delivery to the Austin Police Region 2 District Representatives office located at 12425 Lamplight Village, Austin, Texas 78758, if you are interested in this rewarding experience to have a lasting impact on the community!


Below is a testimony from one of the Restore Rundberg Revitalization Team members who last joined the group, Abel Soto Lopez.

  • How did you learn about the opportunity to join the Restore Rundberg Revitalization Team as the immigrant community representative (place 8)?

It's one of the Austin Police District Representatives working in the Rundberg area, Senior Police Officer Taber White, that I had met through our activities with Rundberg area kids, who told me about it, and even helped me with the application.

  • How does your commitment to the Restore Rundberg neighborhood revitalization initiative fit in your busy schedule?

Well, I sacrificed time that I didn't have to begin with. I missed two meetings before attending my first one. But Restore Rundberg projects align with was I was already doing with the nieghborhood's youth.

  • Was it difficult to get on board?

At the beginning, I was a bit lost, but I quickly became better acquainted with the Revitalization Team projects and procedures, and realized that it was focused on the long term.

  • Has your perspective on the neighborhood changed since you became a Revitalization Team member?

I've been in the Rundberg area since 1997, when I was still a little kid, so I can see how it improved over all that time. But people want to see change now, and I agree we need more short-term projects. But we need long term, even though it's hard to put your finger on what changes the Restore Rundberg Revitalization Team makes. So that's what I keep explaining, while doing as much as I can for the community.

Here's the application due by Tuesday, January 26 at noon (deadline extended) if you are interested in this rewarding experience to have a lasting impact on the community!