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During the month of January 2018, The CodeNEXT communications team, partnering with ATXN, held four Facebook Live shows to answer questions about CodeNEXT priorities. In the show, Aly Van Dyke with the Communications and Public Information Office sat down with CodeNEXT planners from various departments to interview them about their areas of expertise.

January 10 – Flooding: Matt Hollon, Watershed Protection Department

January 17 – Affordable Housing: Erica Leak, Neighborhood Housing & Community Development Department

January 24 – Community: Greg Dutton, Planning and Zoning Department

January 31 – Mobility: Danielle Morin, Austin Transportation Department

Before each show, the team created a list of commonly asked questions from each topic area to use as a guide for the show. During the show, viewers were encouraged to submit their own questions in the comments section. Viewers submitted between 2 and 10 comments during the show and continued to submit comments after the live show ended. If questions were left unanswered, staff responded to the remaining questions after the show concluded.

We would like to extend our appreciation to those who watched, shared, and asked questions on our live videos. These videos were meant to be informative and allow you to engage directly with our code experts without having to be present physically, and we’d like to know how effective they were. If you would like to provide feedback on what went well or what we can improve for next time, please send us an email at codenext@austintexas.gov or comment on our Facebook Live videos.

You can view the videos of the CodeNEXT Live show on the CodeNEXT Facebook page video feed. While the Live series has wrapped, the City of Austin’s main Facebook and Twitter pages, along with the CodeNEXT Facebook and Twitter pages, are sharing short videos on CodeNEXT topics until March 12.

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