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Approved Amount: $ 0
Approved FTE: 0.00
Department Director: Tom Dodds - Interim Fire Chief
Department Website:
Department Phone: 512-974-0130
Performance Measure Information
Name: AFD call-taking time for calls in AFD service area (# seconds from phone pickup to enter dispatch queue)
Description: Average time it takes AFD calltakers to collect enough information to send calls to the dispatch queue for dispatching units (mainly address and nature of problem). Beginning time-stamp is time phone pickup and the ending time stamp is when the call entered the dispatch queue (calltaking may extend beyond that point as calltaker gathers additional information). Limited to calls in the AFD service area. Excludes test calls and calls cancelled because they were duplicates (multiple calls about same incident) or information-only calls with no units dispatched.
Type: Result

Current Data - Quarterly

2022 Target Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 2022 Actuals
40 41 49 38 0 No Data

History Data

FY 2017 Actual FY 2018 Actual FY 2019 Actual FY 2020 Actual FY 2021 Actual FY 2021 Target FY 2022 Target
42 44 43 42 46 40 40