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Approved Amount: $ 0
Approved FTE: 0.00
Department Director: Joseph Chacon - Chief of Police
Department Website:
Department Phone: 3-1-1
Performance Measure Information
Name: Percent of 9-1-1 calls answered within 10 seconds
Description: Colloquially referred to as the service level (SL), this metric is one of the most important within our Primary Safety Answering Point (PSAP). Internally, this metric drives our 911 call center’s priorities, staffing, and some operational processes. It can be easily argued that there is a direct correlation between our SL and the public’s satisfaction regarding emergency services rendered. Moreover, the nationally recognized leader in 911 communications, the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) establishes a goal of 90 percent for PSAP(s), underscoring the national relevance of this metric.
Type: Result

Current Data - Quarterly

2022 Target Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 2022 Actuals
96 91.53 87.69 0 0 No Data

History Data

FY 2017 Actual FY 2018 Actual FY 2019 Actual FY 2020 Actual FY 2021 Actual FY 2021 Target FY 2022 Target
98.43 99 99 98.72 94.91 98 96