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Management Services
Approved Amount: $ 0
Approved FTE: 0.00
Department Director: Spencer Cronk - City Manager
Department Website:
Department Phone: 512-974-2200

Department Mission:
Management Services guides the organization in connecting people to their government and building civic trust through equitable, responsive, and professional service delivery.

Department Goals:

Provide the community, City Council and City workforce with accessible and accurate information to drive decision making and build trust in the organization
  • Percent of residents satisfied with City of Austin customer service (CMO – Source Community Survey)
  • Number of complainants who report they were assisted by OPO

Advance and operationalize racial equity in our community and organization
  • Departments in or through the equity assessment process (Equity Office)
  • Number of Department Action Plan items implemented (Equity Office)

Provide ethical, forward-thinking and collaborative leadership for the organization and the community
  • Percent of residents satisfied with quality of services provided by City (CMO – Source Community survey)
  • Innovation Office net promoter score (client satisfaction) (Innovation Office)
  • Percentage of questions regarding proper interpretation, application and implementation of labor contracts responded to on time (LRO)
  • Percent of priority bills with a positive outcome for the City

Establish a workplace culture of high performance, continuous improvement, and human-centered innovation that encourages employee growth and inclusive collaboration
  • Percentage of employees that indicate they understand how their performance contributes to their department’s goals and objectives (CMO – Source Listening to the Workforce Survey)
  • Percent of high-risk/low frequency event reviews (Office of the Medical Director)

Promote a community and organization-wide commitment to environmental preservation
  • City of Austin carbon footprint (number of metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions from our government activities) (Sustainability Office)
  • Community carbon footprint (number of metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions) (Sustainability Office)

Promote a community and organization-wide commitment to natural disaster preparedness, response, and recovery
  • Number of people registered in Warn Central Texas emergency notification system in Travis County (HSEM)