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Public Works
Approved Amount: $ 0
Approved FTE: 0.00
Department Director: Richard Mendoza - Director
Department Website:
Department Phone: 512-974-7065

Department Mission:
We build and maintain a better community by delivering services to every corner of Austin.

Department Goals:

Maintenance of transportation-related infrastructure and assets
Proactively maintain City-owned transportation-related infrastructure and assets.

Equitable access to multi-modal transportation options
Provide equitable access to transportation options by planning, building, and maintaining sustainable multi-modal infrastructure.

Coordination of the maintenance, repair, and placement of assets
Proactively coordinate the maintenance, repair, and placement of assets in the right-of-way.

High quality capital projects
Deliver high quality capital projects.

Great workplace culture
Establish a workplace culture of high performance, continuous improvement, safety, and human-centered innovation.

Financial affordability and sustainability
Ensure Public Works Department services are financially affordable and sustainable.