Virden, Jennifer M (Filer ID: 380)

Available 2020 reports:
Report Details:
Runoff (CORCOH Correction Affidavit For Candidate/Officeholder)
  • Filed: 12/08/2020
  • PDF: R20201025100711226
  • Office sought: COUNCIL_MBR_DISTRICT_10
  • Office held: n/a
PAC Notice

The following political committees provided notice to the filer that they accepted political contributions or made political expenditures on the filer's behalf:

  • SafeTX PAC
  • Fight for Austin
  • Austin Police Association PAC
  • Had Enough, Austin? PAC
Summary of Contributions and Expenditures
Period: 10/25/2020 - 12/05/2020
Total Contributions: $149,242.10
  Total unitemized contributions (monetary and in-kind): $100.00
Total unitemized pledges: $0.00
Total political contributions maintained as of the
last day of the reporting period:
Principal of outstanding total unitemized loans: $0.00
Total Expenditures: $168,269.63
  Total unitemized expenditures: $0.00
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