In the Ceramics Program, we believe all skill level classes create a supportive atmosphere where students learn from each other. Advanced students are welcome in any class to work on improving their skills.  Instructors provide self-paced demos throughout class time and will work with students based on their interests in learning wheel, hand building, sculpture or figurative work.  Please note the specialties provided in each description. Instructors also provide proper glazing, decoration techniques and most importantly developing your artistic expression.

Small class sizes in hand building, wheel throwing and specialty
Our 1,400 square foot studio provides a slab roller, extruder, 12 wheels and ample space for hand building.
Equipped with gas, raku and electric kilns offering Cone 10, Cone 06 and raku firings; with cone 10 and raku glazes provided.
Students ages 15-17 may register with Arts School permission.