This page contains information on Art in Public Places (AIPP) Program policies, the AIPP Panel, and Selection Panels.

AIPP Policies

Art in Public Places Panel

The AIPP Panel is a seven-member standing committee of volunteer visual arts professionals, appointed by the Arts Commission, for the purpose of advising the Commission on matters relating to the implementation of the Art in Public Places Ordinance. The AIPP Panel meets the first Monday of each month (excepting holidays) at 6 p.m. Go to to see the agenda which details the location of the meeting.  

AIPP Panel Roles & Responsibilities

  • In addition to regular monthly meetings, AIPP Panel Members attend many AIPP-sponsored events, including public art dedications, exhibition openings, lectures, tours of potential public art sites, project information meetings, and public hearings. They may also serve as jurors for AIPP projects.
  • AIPP Panel Members are representatives of the AIPP program and look for opportunities to share information with their colleagues regarding public art commissions and recruit qualified artists, jurors and panelists to participate in the program.
  • All panelists must possess knowledge of contemporary visual art, trends in the public art field, and be willing to serve in a panel process without conflict of interest.
  • Submit an Application to serve on the AIPP Panel.

Current Panel Members

  • Brett Barnes, Liaison to the Arts Commission
  • Sarah Carr, Designer
  • Tammie Rubin, Artist
  • Jacob Villanueva, Artist
  • Stephanie Lemmo, Architect
  • Joel Nolan, Artist/Architect

Selection Panels

For each AIPP project, a Selection Panel of visual art professionals is established for the purpose of making an artist/artwork recommendation. A selection panel is comprised of 3-5 jurors, depending upon the size and complexity of the individual project.

No individual may serve more than once in any two-year period, in an attempt to bring diversity to the selection process and to more precisely match the expertise of the jury members to each project. Jurors are asked to consider the Criteria for Selection of Artists and/or Artwork Projects before serving on a Selection Panel.

If you are interested in being considered as a selection panelist, please fill out a Peer Panel Participant Survey.