Register your bike to protect it. Bicycle registration programs assist in reducing bicycle thefts, because registering makes it easier to identify stolen bikes and their rightful owners. Don’t leave you bike unsupervised unless you have a lock and chain. Click here to register your bicycle.

If your bicycle or bicycle parts were stolen, please contact the department. Be ready to provide as many identifiable markers as possible when describing your bike (i.e., serial number, make, model number, special markings or scratches, engravings, etc.). Request that your bike's information be entered into the property section of your offense report.

The department partners with participating pawn shops to run cross-checks on articles that have been pawned. Providing as much detailed information as possible increases the likelihood of recovering your bicycle.

View Austin City Code Chapter 12-2 to find the City’s current bicycle and vehicle laws.

12-1-35 Vulnerable Road Users

The City Code allows cyclists to ride on most City sidewalks, with a few exceptions. View a list of sidewalks where cycling is prohibited.

Did you receive a ticket from an officer while riding your bike? You may be eligible to have your ticket dismissed upon successful completion of a deferred disposition and/or bicycle training class.