The Austin Parks and Recreation Department is in the process of designing a restroom to serve users of the Barton Creek Trail and other amenities near to the trailhead, located on the north side of Barton Creek, near the west end of Barton Springs Pool. The Parks and Recreation Department is looking to add a facility to serve park and trail users  that will fit in with the character of the unique Barton Springs environment. To aid in this process, the Department is seeking input from the public as to what materials, colors and shape will best complement the Zilker Park setting.

Image of Zilker Park Toilet
Concept image of Barton Creek Trailhead Restroom

Project Goals

Barton Creek Trail is one of the most popular and heavily used trails in the central part of Austin and will be integrated into the Violet Crown Trail, as part of the Walk For A Day program, a collaboration between the City of Austin, Hill Country Conservancy and several other partner organizations. Currently, visitors to the trailhead on William Barton Drive have no nearby restroom facilities that are open year-round, with the nearest being inside the Barton Springs Pool facility. The construction of a new ADA-compliant restroom near the trailhead will serve trail and park users, as well as patrons of the Zilker Hillside Theater during the production season. In addition to the restroom facility, environmental enhancements will be implemented to improve drainage in the trailhead area and a water line and fire hydrant will be installed to improve the safety of the park users, structures and parkland.


Click on the image below to download the site plan.

Site Plan

Graphic and description link


Zilker Park Background

In 1917, Andrew Jackson Zilker gave the City of Austin 35 acres surrounding Barton Springs. In 1931, Zilker gave another 300 acres. Soon afterward, the City of Austin created a municipal park with help from the Civilian Conservation Corps and federal funding. Nine miles of footpaths, bridle trails, and winding interior roads were constructed. The northern and western portions of the park were kept naturalistic, with live oak and elm groves and expansive lawns overlaid atop rugged terrain. The more developed, southeastern portion of the park held playgrounds, sports fields, a dance pavilion, and the Barton Pools. In 1997, Zilker Metropolitan Park was listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Public Involvement Opportunity

As part of its review process, the Parks and Recreation Department is soliciting feedback on the look of the proposed restroom. The conceptual drawing has features to reflect the Austin area, but PARD would like your ideas and comments.

An online survey is available starting May of 2015 to collect comments and ideas for the look of the restroom. Information gathered will be used to frame a final design.