The Public Works Department manages the City of Austin's Capital Project Delivery projects through all phases of design, construction, and inspection. Projects range from street reconstruction and water/wastewater infrastructure improvements to new fire stations and libraries.

Use CIVIC to view interactive project maps; find descriptions, current status and funding sources; and see current and planned spending reports and key project updates.


Capital Project Delivery consists of five divisions that each play a unique role in ensuring the success of CIP projects all around Austin.

  • Construction Services Division
    • Provides hands-on representation on construction sites, ensures projects are built to plan.
  • Architectural Project Management Division
    • Manages project delivery from planning and preliminary phase through design, construction and warranty phases meeting defined scope, budget and schedule.
    • Provides design and permitting for civil engineering projects in the public right of way.
  • Quality Management Division
    • Provides oversight on all CIP projects to limit construction changes and claims.
  • Project Management Division
    • Oversees project delivery throughout the life of a project and ensures schedules and budgets are met. 
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