Outside of City Hall

Labor Relations Office

The Labor Relations Office, under direction of the City Manager's Office, is responsible for:

Public Notices

The City Clerk's Office posts a variety of public notices, including Election Notices, and Firefighters', Police Officers' and EMS Personnel Civil Service Commission Notices.

Labor Agreements

— Austin Police Department

—  Austin/Travis County EMS

—  Austin Fire Department

Upcoming Labor Contract Negotiation Dates

To help facilitate social distancing during COVID-19 all videos are live streamed and available for viewing here: City of Austin Labor Relations YouTube video meetings

City of Austin and Austin Police Association

  • Dec.  07, 2022  10:00 a.m. at  4815 Mueller Blvd. ATX 78723
  • Dec.  14, 2022  10:00 a.m. at  4815 Mueller Blvd. ATX 78723

City of Austin / Austin Police Association Bargaining Documents

View the PDFs of the merged bargaining documents: 
Other Documents

City of Austin and Austin Travis County Emergency Medical Services 

  • No further meetings.

City of Austin and Austin Firefighters Association

  • No further meetings.