Recycling and waste prevention are important aspects of running a sustainable company. Done right, reducing waste can pay for itself, which makes good business sense. To reach its Zero Waste goals, the City’s recycling ordinances require certain businesses to provide recycling services.

Follow these steps to implement a commercial recycling program:

  1. Determine if a recycling ordinance or the City’s Central Business District recycling services apply to your business.
  2. Determine which materials would be the best for you to recycle.
  3. Select a recycling service provider.
  4. Place recycling containers wherever you have trash cans to be convenient for your tenants and employees.
  5. Communicate regularly with employees and tenants about the importance of your recycling program and how to participate.
  6. As you can, reduce your garbage service by reducing the number or size of dumpsters or by reducing how often they’re emptied.

Waste Reduction Tip Sheets

These tip sheets help companies, both large and small, implement recycling and waste prevention programs.

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