Corridor Program Office

About the Corridor Program Office

The Corridor Program Office was established in 2016 to manage the City of Austin’s investments in major transportation corridors funded by the 2016 Mobility Bond. Our primary responsibilities are:

  • Direct, manage, and oversee planning, development, implementation, and delivery of the $482 million in corridor improvements from the 2016 Mobility Bond.
  • Provide regular communications to the City Council, public, and partner entities on the status of corridor improvement projects.
  • Respond to media inquiries about City of Austin bond-funded projects along Austin’s corridors.
  • Engage the community about desired mobility and transportation improvements along Austin’s corridors.
  • Ensure that appropriate program management processes, systems, controls, and practices are employed for accelerated and successful delivery of the corridor improvements in the 2016 Mobility Bond.


  • Mike Trimble, Director
  • Susan Daniels, Deputy Director
  • Anna Martin, Austin Transportation/Corridor Program Technical Lead
  • Dea Crichton, Communications Manager