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Economic Impact Dashboard

City of Austin Dashboards for COVID-19 Economic Recovery Programs

The City of Austin Economic Development Department published several dashboards for several economic recovery programs administered by the department. These dashboards display information such as the number of applications received for each program, profiles of applicants (minus personal information), and approval and denial rates. Click the links below to view the program dashboards. 

Email for more information about these dashboards and the grant programs. 


    Travis County Economic Impact Dashboard

    The City of Austin is one of several entities contributing data to the Travis County COVID-19 Economic Impact Dashboard.

    This dashboard provides the public and local leaders information to better understand how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting the local economy. The data focuses on information related to employment, businesses, the economy, financial markets, housing, child care and social services.

    Please note:

    Publicly accessible data has a lag time, meaning that the effects of COVID-19 may not show in much of the economic data sets traditionally tracked. It may take several months to fully understand the scale of the impact. As a result, certain metrics in the dashboard are prioritized because more “real-time” data is available.

    The purpose of this tool is not data analysis, but data accessibility with interactive features. The data behind the dashboard is available for export.

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