The City of Austin adopted an ordinance on Feb. 23, 2009 prohibiting intentional feeding of deer.

The ordinance amends the City Code to add Chapter 10-8 which:

  • Prohibits intentional feeding of or making food available to deer within City limits
  • Creates a Class C Misdemeanor for violations
  • Establishes a fine not less than $75 or more than $125

Effective October 1, 2013, enforcement of the Intentional Feeding of Deer Ordinance has been transferred to the Austin Code Department. Violations of the ordinance can be reported to the Code Compliance Department by calling 311 or using their Citizen Web Intake Portal.

Deer and Humans

White-tailed deer have become a common sight in neighborhoods, parks and other wooded areas. Some feel the thrill of seeing these wild animals. Others bemoan their effects on landscaping and the danger they represent on area roadways.

The City is monitoring reports of deer overpopulation and tracks the number of deer-involved traffic accident reports from the Austin Police Department and dead deer pick-up reports from Austin Resource Recovery.

Deer Smart Tips during Fawning and Rutting Seasons.

Information on Deer-Vehicle Collisions

Download a brochure to learn about Coexisting with Deer -- Keep Wildlife in the Wild.

Managing Deer Damage

Texas Parks and Wildlife has several brochures on actions that can be taken by residents, as well as information on Deer Management Within Suburban Areas.

Landscape Plants that Deer Won't Eat

Search Native and Adapted Landscape Plants for deer-resistant plants using the filter for "deer-resistant."

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