The City of Austin is crossed by multiple hazardous liquids pipelines. To protect health and safety, there are restrictions on the type of structures that may be built within 500 feet of certain pipelines.

The pipelines may contain crude oil, natural gas, or refined petroleum products (gasoline, diesel, etc.). The following restrictions apply to pipelines that are more than eight inches in diameter.

  1. A person may not place a structure or excavate within a restricted pipeline area (25 feet from line),
  2. A use requiring evacuation assistance is prohibited in a structure intended for human occupancy that is located within 500 feet of a hazardous pipeline, and
  3. No new construction may occur within 200 feet without adhering to strict safety standards. 

Full details  on restrictions and exceptions may be found in Subchapter C, 25-2-516 of the Land Development Code. You can also download a map (PDF) of hazardous liquids pipelines.

For more information on hazardous liquids pipelines, please consult the external resources below.