In 2016, the Austin City Council directed staff to establish a pilot program to help inform possible recommendations for installing permanent public restrooms in the downtown area. During the pilot program, a temporary restroom facility was moved between five downtown locations for set periods of time. Based on the usage data and other information collected, specific locations were identified for installation of permanent restroom units.

Project Summary

This project includes the installation, operation and maintenance of three permanent public restroom facilities in the downtown area. The restroom facilities will be installed at the following locations:

  • East side of Trinity St. between 4th St. and 5th St. - Completed
  • East side of Brazos St. between 5th St. and 6th St. - Completed
  • On 6th St. one block west of IH-35 - Completed


The restroom units are solar powered and connected to existing water/wastewater utilities. The units are designed to provide residents and visitors access to safe and accessible restroom facilities. The project is a partnership between Public Works, Austin Transportation, Economic Development and the Downtown Austin Alliance (DAA).


Project Status

Timeframe                  Description

Nov./Dec. 2019           Utility work at Trinity and Brazos locations

Jan. 2020                      Installation of restroom units at Trinity and Brazos locations

Early 2020                   Finalize location for third unit near 6th St. and IH-35

Aug. 2020                     Utility work and installation of third unit near 6th/IH-35

Public Outreach

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why are these restrooms needed?

Given the popularity of the downtown area, there has been an observed need for these facilities for some time, especially during large gatherings and special events. The intention of these units is to help address public health and safety by preventing unsanitary conditions. 


When will the restrooms be open for public use?

The first two units—located along Trinity St. and Brazos St.—are now operational. The third unit will be installed mid 2020.


What will these facilities look like?

See below.

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Project Contacts

Paulinda Lanham, Project Manager, Public Works


Kyle Carvell, Public Information, Public Works


Matt Hart, Public Information, Public Works