You can search online for current bid tabulations.

The City Clerk's Office has information about filing a conflict of interest with the City.

The Annual Comprehensive Financial Reports  for the City of Austin are available. The archives are of prior reports.

Please note: The electronic report is identical to the printed version of the document. The report has not been updated for developments subsequent to the date of the independent auditor's report.

Download the current expiring contracts list to view a list of contracts that will be expiring.

Use the City of Austin's online NIGP commodity search.

The No Lobbying Report is now a consolidated list, listing solicitations issued by the Purchasing Office, Contract Management Department, and all other delegated authorities. This replaces two separate No Contact Lists; one from Central Purchasing Department and one from Contract Management Department.

View the current No Lobbying Report.

Search and review the performance measure data tracked by City departments.

Access the Austin Finance Online Policies and Programs page  to find vendor policies, rules and ordinances.

Information on services provided by Central Procurement can be found on the City's Austin Finance Online website.

You can register to become a vendor for the City on the Austin Finance Online website.

Search online for vendors registered with the City of Austin.

Public Notice of Unclaimed Property

Valued between $10 - $100.00

Every year various departments of the City of Austin report unclaimed cash and valuables, from uncashed checks, deposits, refunds, overpayments or any other transactions creating a credit balance. This property is presumed abandoned and is subject to Chapter 76 of the Title 6, Unclaimed Property Texas Property Code.

Do you have questions about becoming a City vendor? Visit Austin Finance Online's Vendor Help page to access additional information and receive help.