The findings of the completed Aquatic Assessment identified Govalle Pool as a Critical Pool. The term ‘critical pool’ refers to an aquatic facility that has the potential to functionally fail within the next 5 swim seasons. The classification was determined per the condition of the 60 year old facility. In September of 2014, Austin City Council awarded a onetime allocation for refurbishment of Govalle Pool in the amount of $3,100,000.

Project Background

The Govalle Neighborhood Pool is located at 5200 Bolm Road and is composed of a single rectangular pool feature. The pool is located within the larger Govalle Neighborhood Park, which is connected to the Boggy Creek Greenbelt. Nearby mature trees provide shade, and there is an adjacent parking lot for use by pool patrons. The primary concern at Govalle is a large crack running the length of the pool. The parking lot is in poor condition and is highly utilized. Existing restroom facilities are not within the pool fenced in area and are in poor condition. Park amenities such as picnic tables, play structures and the park pavilion structure are within close proximity to the pool entry.

PARD records indicate that the Govalle Pool was built in 1954 and underwent renovations in 1986. Govalle Park marks the beginning of the greater Southern Walnut Creek Trail, which is approximately 7.3 miles and terminates near Johnny Morris Road and Daffen Lane.

Anticipated Services

The recently completed Westenfield Pool at Westenfield Park demonstrates the typical amenities to be provided for a neighborhood pool. Inclusive of the design parameters for a neighborhood pool are gender specific restroom facilities, lap pool, activity pool (tot pool), expansive deck space, shade structures and an art component. Through the Rotation List procurement process of PARD has procured the design services of the Landscape Architecture firm of Asakura Robinson as the lead designers for the new Govalle Aquatic Facility.

Project Updates

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