Land Development Code - Second Reading Draft

The Land Development Code Revision second reading draft (code and map) are now available. Note that there will be no immediate changes to the City's code after Jan 31. There are still many steps left to get us to an adopted code including three readings by Austin City Council. Check out our events calendar to learn dates, times and locations of events. You can also receive updates on the process by following us on through the City’s TwitterFacebook, and e-newsletter platforms.

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Land Development Code Revision Second Reading Draft Code Text

On Jan. 31, 2020, City staff released the second reading draft of the Code text that includes amendments provided by Council at first reading.

View the first reading draft of the Code text, maps and staff reports 1 & 2 from our archive 



Land Development Code Revision Second Reading Draft Zoning Maps

  • Proposed Zoning Map - View an interactive map showing a side-by-side comparison of Austin's current and proposed zoning. You can explore the map at-will or use the search function to find a specific parcel.  


Download proposed zoning maps by district (PDF Format):


Download proposed zoning map layer file


Land Development Code Revision Supporting Material