The Parks and Recreation Department is working with the Public Works Department and City Hall to bring needed improvement to Margret Hofmann Oaks Park. As a gateway to downtown, the park will be updated to increase pedestrian safety, prevent tree damage, and compliment the city hall campus landscape. 

What’s happening to Margret Hofmann Oaks Park?

  • The trail going through the site will be replaced with a concrete trail to allow for ADA access and reduce erosion.
  • The landscape at the front of the triangle will be replaced with low growing plants to increase pedestrian visibility and safety.  The plant pallet will reflect the plants used on city hall campus.  
  • Strategically placed boulders will prevent unwanted vehicular and foot traffic within the critical root zone of the oak trees.

How will the trees be protected?

During construction all trees will be protected according to city of Austin tree protection standards.  In locations where the trail is constructed within the half critical root zone of the existing trees, the concrete walkway will be built on top of the existing grade preserving the critical root zone below.

Additional Information

Margret Hofmann, former Austin City Council member.