The Mary Frances Baylor Clarksville Pocket Park existing play equipment and play surface is nearing its useful life and is scheduled to be replaced with new play equipment and new accessible safety surface for a range of ages. Community engagement will begin in January 2021 to identify preferred future equipment.

Aerial view with outline of MFB Clarksville Pocket Park with arrow identifying where playground sits

Project Background

The City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department (PARD) regularly performs playground evaluations to determine if a playscape or the play surface has reached its useful life. The typical life of play equipment within the City of Austin park system is 15-20 years. The Mary Frances Baylor Clarksville Pocket Park play equipment is over 20 years old and showing wear and tear, and PARD has identified this playground as a candidate for replacement.

Project Summary

The Mary Frances Baylor Clarksville Pocket Park playground replacement will consist of a complete replacement of the play equipment, shade and play surface area. The Parks and Recreation Department will seek community input on the playground design through online surveys. The new playground is anticipated to include a new swing set,  new 5-12 age play structure, new 2-5 age play structure  and new wood mulch surfacing. The existing digger and boulder seating area will be retained. The new playground will provide a safe and accessible amenity for the Mary Frances Baylor Clarksville Pocket Park users.

Anticipated Timeline

  • November 2020 to February 2021: Playground Design and Community Feedback
  • February to March 2021: Final Design and Bidding
  • April to June 2021: New Playground Installation
  • July 2021: Anticipated Playground Opening

Community Engagement

Community Survey Report (February 1 to March 2, 2021)

Community engagement began in February 2021 with the online community survey. Community members provided feedback on two options:


This project is funded by 2018 Park Bond Playground Funds.

Contact Information

For questions regarding this project, please contact Charles Mabry, Associate Project Manager, by email or phone, (512) 974-9481.