The CodeNEXT project team consists of several City of Austin departments, an Advisory Group made up of community members, and a consultant team selected by City Council.

City of Austin

The CodeNEXT project is led by the City’s Planning and Zoning Department.

  • CodeNEXT Executive Project Lead: Gregory I. Guernsey, AICP, Director of Planning
  • CodeNEXT Project Manager: Jorge E. Rousselin, CNU-A
  • Code Development Leads: Greg Dutton and Jennifer Todd
  • Media Inquiries: Alina Carnahan

Additional City of Austin departments are contributing to the project:

  • Development Services: Donna Galati, Christine Barton-Holmes, Steve Hopkins, Keith Mars, Pamela Abee-Taulli, Mike McDougal
  • Austin Energy: David Lambert, Michael Pittman, Kevin Wolf
  • Austin Fire Department: Mark Baker
  • Austin Transportation Department: Danielle Morin
  • Austin Water: Bart Jennings
  • Capital Planning Office: Mike Trimble
  • Communications and Public Information Office: Jessica King, Aly Van Dyke
  • Economic Development: Christine Freundl
  • Law: Brent Lloyd, Chad Shaw
  • Neighborhood Housing and Community Development: Erica Leak
  • Parks and Recreation: Marilyn Lamensdorf
  • Public Works: Annie Van Zant
  • Watershed Protection: Matt Hollon, Kelly Strickler

If you do not see a contact for your department, e-mail us.

Advisory Group

An 18-member Land Development Code Revision Advisory Group was established in October 2015 to assist in public outreach, provide advisory feedback throughout the process, and support the revision of the Land Development Code.

The Advisory Group was made up of of the following members:

  • Jim Duncan - nominated by Mayor Adler
  • Jose Valera - nominated by Mayor Adler
  • Nuria Zaragoza - nominated by Mayor Pro Tem Tovo
  • Elizabeth Mueller - nominated by CM Houston
  • Patricia King - nominated by CM Garza
  • Melissa Beeler - nominated by CM Renteria
  • Cesar Acosta - nominated by CM Casar
  • Eleanor McKinney - nominated by CM Kitchen
  • Eric Schultz - nominated by CM Flannigan
  • Steven Zettner - nominated by CM Pool
  • Colby Wallis - nominated by CM Troxclair
  • Christopher Allen - nominated by CM Alter
  • Susan Moffat - nominated by City of Austin/AISD Board of Trustees/Travis County Commissioners Court Joint Committee
  • Dave Sullivan - nominated by Planning & Neighborhoods Council Committee
  • Lauren Ice - nominated by Open Space, Environment and Sustainability Council Committee
  • Mandy De Mayo - nominated by Housing & Community Development Council Committee
  • Terry Mitchell - nominated by Mobility Committee
  • Dr. Richard Heyman - nominated by Economic Opportunity Committee

Consultant Team

Austin City Council selected a team led by Opticos Design to revise Austin’s Land Development Code in March 2013.

Lead Consultant

Opticos Design Inc., an award-winning firm that specializes in context-sensitive codes for vibrant, healthy, sustainable urban places

National Firms