This page provides information on how a Neighborhood Planning Contact Team or a Neighborhood Association can adopt additional regulations that regulate the distance and hours of operation of mobile food trailers near residential areas.

The Planning and Zoning Department is responsible for the application process for neighborhoods that wish to adopt more restrictive regulations relating to the distance and hours of operation of mobile food trailers operating near neighborhoods. For areas with a City Council-approved neighborhood plan, the Planning Contact Team must submit the application. For areas without a City Council-approved neighborhood plan, the neighborhood association can submit the application. The application period is the month of February of each year. The application must be hand-delivered or postmarked no later than February 28th of each year.  Learn more about the application process.

Mobile Food Establishments (Food Trailers) are licensed and regulated by Austin Public Health (City of Austin Code Sections 10-3-91 thru 10-3-95)  Please contact Environmental Health Services at 512-978-0300 for health permit assistance.

Mobile Food Establishment Requirements

Neighborhood Plan Contact Teams and Neighborhood Associations may adopt more restrictive regulations for hours of operation and distance to residences each February.


Application Process and List of Additional Requirements (Sections L-O) for Neighborhood Plan Contact Teams or Neighborhood Associations

Application for Additional Regulations

Map of Neighborhoods with Additional Requirements

Mobile Food Establishments FAQ's