This page has information about land use and zoning, neighborhood plan amendments, front or side yard parking, and mobile food establishments.

Land Use and Zoning Materials

  • Guide to Land Use Standards - Explains land use planning and describes land use categories.

  • Guide to Zoning - Zoning districts and permitted use within the districts.(updated 9/2016)

  • Zoning Districts by Land Use  - Zoning districts allowed under each land use category.  A new map designation, “Specific Regulating District” is for areas with adopted regulating plans.

  • Infill Options & Design Tools booklet- Contains summary charts of infill options/design tools for adopted neighborhood plans and explanation of  infill options/design tools. (Updated April 2016)

  • Design Tools Map  - Shows Impervious Cover/Parking Placement, Garage Placement, and Front Porch design tools that available subdistrict or area-wide.

  • Infill Options Map for Neighborhood Planning Areas  - Shows which infill options are available in adopted neighborhood planning areas on a (planning) area-wide, subdistrict, or parcel basis.

  • Land Use/Zoning Matrix - This chart shows when a proposed zoning change application triggers a plan amendment application when the property is located within a City Council-approved neighborhood plan that has a future land use map. 

Application for Neighborhood Plan Amendment

A Neighborhood Plan Amendment (NPA) allows for changes to be made to an adopted neighborhood plan and/or future land use map (FLUM).

The Neighborhood Plan Amendment Applications provide additional information about the requirements related to Neighborhood Plan Amendments.

Front or Side Yard Parking

Please see Front Yard Parking webpage and view Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile Food Establishments

Please see Mobile Food Establishments webpage and download Frequently Asked Questions.

For more information, contact Maureen Meredith

Additional Resources for Neighborhoods